Chalouhi is a leading civil engineering and construction company with extensive experience in the industry. Our team of experienced Engineers, Project Managers, and Estimators can guide you through the design, planning and costing process for your project.

At Chalouhi our aim is to deliver a quality service within your budget requirements without any compromise to Workplace Health and Safety and the Environment.

The Chalouhi team can deliver projects over a broad range of civil engineering activities that meet and often exceed our client's expectations.

Chalouhi is a trusted partner and contractor by many in the construction industry. We always aim to build on our reputation through our honesty, reliability, dedication to hard work, employee training, innovation and meticulous attention to detail with an outstanding safety record supported by robust quality assurance procedures.

"Safety... Chalouhi's
 primary focus"







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Civil Works and Construction

Site Remediation

Asbestos Removal

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