Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a hazardous substance and if disturbed, fine asbestos fibres can become airborne, presenting a health risk. It is critical that asbestos removal and disposal is carried out in the safest possible manner by experts.

Chalouhi is fully licensed and qualified to undertake the removal of bonded asbestos. All employees are experienced and qualified in the handling of material containing asbestos. All our work practices are compliant with the requirements of Workcover, the relevant local authorities, Legislations and Australian Standards. No project is commenced without preparation of detailed risk assessments and production of specific SWMS. This is the cornerstone of our WH&S policy.

Asbestos is handled with paramount attention to safe work practices in order to protect our community, employees and the environment. When disposing of hazardous waste, Chalouhi only partners with approved EPA tipping sites.

With our end to end process you can rely on us to provide you with support, guidance and advice to ensure you are left with a clear, safe and remediated site.

When necessary we can also arrange for preparation of an asbestos management plan, installation of air monitors and the issuing of clearance certificates.


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