Environmental Commitment

Chalouhi’s committed to following the guidelines of the Acts and Regulations of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is paramount to achieving an effective outcome for our clients and the environment.  Chalouhi strives to leave the site in better health than it was before, which in turn will support the environment for future generations.

Chalouhi's management of their environmental impact is a high priority for all employees.  Creating awareness among staff, suppliers and clients of the potential environmental impact of operations assists us all to work towards minimising these effects.  By ensuring that all involved are continually refining operations, identifying areas of improvement and following through with programs to achieve a better outcome, we can decrease the overall impact on the environment.

We ensure that our current fleet is well maintained, older machinery is retired and upgraded and our Operators are trained to use the machinery as effectively as possible to reduce our carbon footprint.  We endeavour to instill our environmental commitment into all our suppliers so as to be supplied with environmentally friendly materials, equipment and services wherever possible.

Almost 90% of all demolished materials are salvaged for re-use and the non-recyclable items are disposed of at EPA approved tipping sites and handled with care to reduce the environmental impact.


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Site Remediation

Asbestos Removal

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