Chalouhi holds a current Workcover Demolition Licence (AD21471) and all relevant insurances and permits. Our team can complete all forms of demolition works and has completed hundreds of projects from residential, commercial, industrial, schools and power substations. We are also experienced in working on heritage buildings where extra attention to detail is required.

All our work is compliant with the requirements of the relevant local authorities, legislation and Australian Standards. No project is commenced without preparation of detailed risk assessments and production of specific SWMS. This is the cornerstone of our WH&S policy.

Project planning also includes consideration of the local environment and the resulting impact. All demolition materials are separated and where possible waste is sent to recycling centres for processing and reuse.

Qualified employees in our office are dedicated to the ongoing assessment of the volumes of recycle material we can generate. We continuously update out methods to ensure we never become complacent when it comes to the environment.

Where recycling is not possible we only dispose of materials at a registered EPA tip in the safest manner possible.


Bulk and Detailed Excavation

Civil Works and Construction

Site Remediation

Asbestos Removal

Plant and Truck Hire